Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work
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Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

Did you know that even the ancient Romans used concrete in their construction? They valued it for its strength and for its ability to be molded into different forms. They formed concrete from volcanic ash and lime, which were a bit different from the materials used today, but the substance was very similar and used for similar purposes. Today, concrete contractors carry on the ancient Roman tradition, making everything from patios to counter tops from concrete. These creations last for years and require little maintenance. We think concrete is amazing, and we hope you'll share that opinion after reading the articles provided here.


Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

Are Epoxy Finishes A Good Idea With Commercial Concrete?

Edwin Robertson

From faux stone to brick, you can have commercial concrete floors finished in many ways to enhance their end appearance and aesthetic value. However, one of the most popular finishes for concrete floors in a commercial setting is epoxy. Commercial epoxy concrete is concrete coated with a heavy-duty layer of epoxy resin when it is finished. This leaves the floor with a smoother, more durable finish, but can also provide both aesthetic and functional benefits. When deciding whether an epoxy finish is right for your setting, there are a few questions to ask yourself to guide your decision.  

Are you looking for floors that are easier to maintain?

Without question, commercial epoxy concrete is one of the best options if you are looking for floors that are easy to maintain. The hardened surface is resistant to spills, stains, grease, and dirt. Therefore, sweeping the area is easy and end-of-day-cleanup is a simple process without a lot of scrubbing involved. Further, the floor itself can be outfitted with drains if you want to use a direct-spray cleaning method that involves simply using a squeegee to clean up the dirty water. Not only are epoxy concrete floors easy to maintain from day to day, they also don't have to have a lot of maintenance attention in the future. 

Are you looking for an investment that yields long-term use?

Did you know that some commercial epoxy concrete finishes come with a limited lifetime warranty? Once the concrete has been finished with epoxy, the surface is so durable that the flooring will rarely ever need to be repaired. Epoxy is incredibly durable. The material does not crack or chip easily and it does not wear away like standard concrete sealer materials with heavy foot traffic. Therefore, a commercial concrete floor with epoxy finishing is an investment that yields an impressive return as far as life span. 

Do sustainable building practices mean something to you?

If you are all about adding implements to your commercial property that are earth-friendly, commercial epoxy concrete can be a good solution. Due to the long life span, concrete finished with epoxy is often considered a more environmentally friendly building option. Other types of concrete and flooring may have to be replaced much sooner, which is more waste than necessary. Epoxy-coated floors can also be cleaned without the need for hash cleaning chemicals. Therefore, fewer chemicals are being used by your business that could hurt the environment. 

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