Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work
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Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

Did you know that even the ancient Romans used concrete in their construction? They valued it for its strength and for its ability to be molded into different forms. They formed concrete from volcanic ash and lime, which were a bit different from the materials used today, but the substance was very similar and used for similar purposes. Today, concrete contractors carry on the ancient Roman tradition, making everything from patios to counter tops from concrete. These creations last for years and require little maintenance. We think concrete is amazing, and we hope you'll share that opinion after reading the articles provided here.


Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

A Residential Concrete Contractor Can Transform The Appearance Of Your Home's Entry

Edwin Robertson

If you're embarrassed by the entry to your home because the concrete is cracked, stained, or ugly, call a residential concrete contractor to look at your problem and make recommendations for improvements. If your entry area is in bad shape, the contractor may recommend removing it and starting over by pouring new concrete. However, that isn't always necessary. Damaged concrete can usually be repaired, even uneven steps or cracks in steps. Here are some things your concrete contractor might do to improve the appearance of your entry.

Fill In Cracks

The contractor may start by filling in cracks in the concrete. They may need to chip the bottom of the crack to make it bigger so the filler will hold longer. Also, the crack needs to be cleaned thoroughly, washed, and dried to be made ready for the crack filler. Once the filler is in place, the top might be sanded down so the surface of the concrete is smooth.

Put On An Overlay

A concrete overlay is a new layer of concrete that's put on top of the old concrete. The new layer is just thick enough to cover stains and imperfections in the old concrete. This makes your entry look new again. A benefit of an overlay is that the contractor can add color, texture, and stamped designs to it to totally transform the appearance of the concrete. Your entry could look as if was made from brick, slate, or tile once the stamped designs are made.

Apply A Coating

Once your entry looks the way you want, with all repairs made and the surface updated, the contractor might recommend adding a coating. The coating protects the concrete so it lasts longer and resists dirt and stains. Plus, you can choose a glossy coat if you like so your entry always looks clean and shiny.

Level Out A Depression

If the concrete around your entry is not level, it could be a serious tripping hazard. A residential concrete contractor has methods of leveling concrete so your property is not a safety hazard. The contractor might saw down heaved areas or lift up sunken areas. Sunken concrete can be raised by injecting poly foam under the concrete. The injected material fills the void in the soil so the concrete has a stable surface to rest on once it's been raised.

Unless the concrete in your entry has severe damage and has to be replaced, a residential concrete contractor can make a big difference in the way your entry looks. You can have an entry you're proud of without the bother of having a new entry installed.

For more information about residential concrete, contact a local contractor.