Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work
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Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

Did you know that even the ancient Romans used concrete in their construction? They valued it for its strength and for its ability to be molded into different forms. They formed concrete from volcanic ash and lime, which were a bit different from the materials used today, but the substance was very similar and used for similar purposes. Today, concrete contractors carry on the ancient Roman tradition, making everything from patios to counter tops from concrete. These creations last for years and require little maintenance. We think concrete is amazing, and we hope you'll share that opinion after reading the articles provided here.


Concrete Contractors and Their Magnificent Work

Concrete Edging And Border Ideas For Your Landscape

Edwin Robertson

Hardscaping is just as important in your yard's design as the landscaping. The term hardscaping refers to the non-organic components of the yard, such as walkways and patios. It can also refer to the method you use to edge in your flower beds and gardens. The following are some creative hardscaped edging ideas that use versatile concrete as the main material.

Simple Curbing

Curbing is one of the simplest styles of garden bed edging, but it is also attractive and durable. Concrete is poured to follow the curves of your garden bed smoothly. The height of the curb is typically several inches on the side that is against the garden bed, which prevents plants from growing over the barrier. The curbing then extends into the yard several inches, but on the lawn side, it is flat. This allows you to mow right up against the curbing so there is no need to edge or hand trim the grass growing against your edging curb.

Stamped Borders

Stone or brick borders are attractive, but they can be time-consuming to install. Both masonry and stone are more prone to wear and tear like cracks when compared to concrete. Instead, have a flat concrete border installed, but opt to have it stamped and tinted so that it resembles the stone or brick that you prefer. The result is just as attractive but much longer-lasting.

Block Walls

Not all garden borders have to be at ground level. A low garden wall can provide an attractive alternative that adds height and interest to your landscape design. Concrete block walls are simple and quick to install. The exterior of the blocks can be finished in a variety of ways, including smoothed, textured, or even stamped to resemble stone or brick. Make the wall no more than 2 feet tall if you would like to have a nice place to sit while walking around in your yard or tending to your garden.

Border Paths

A path can act as both edging and a walkway. The most basic option is to border in the garden beds with a narrow concrete sidewalk that follows the curve of the garden bed. You can leave it as is or have it died or stamped to make it more decorative or to resemble a stone path. Concrete stepping stones are another simple yet attractive option for a garden border path.

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